Whether you are building or renovating your dream home, developing a number of homes,  constructing or upgrading a commercial building or simply putting your property on the market, these days you have no choice but to get the energy performance of your building assessed. This ever-shifting regulatory landscape along with the ever-changing market in low-energy products can mean that even the simplest of projects becomes a complicated and expensive process. There are benefits of course to better regulation and standards, but having to comply with BER legislation or the passive-house standard or the soon to be introduced NZEB requirements can be exasperating for anyone trying to sell a property or finish a building project.

Over the last four years, Donovan Low Energy have carried out almost 1000 building energy assessments all over Ireland, giving us an understanding of what my customers want from an energy assessment service. Self-builders and developers, architects and engineers, commercial property owners and agents, not only want their building to meet the latest regulation, they also look for an energy assessment service that goes further to find the simple, practical improvements that add value to their project or process, while keeping costs down and within budget. Our previous experience in project management and quantity surveying and  more recent experience working in energy assessment puts Donovan Low Energy in a perfect position to offer such services. Click below to find out more.